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Hi in class out teacher told us to do some research on any kind of illness including caner and others we never heard of, well I  am doing brain cancer.

Brain cancer is '''''an intracranial '''''solid neoplasm, a tumor '''''defined as an abnormal growth of cells within the brain '''''or the central spinal canal, usually they call it brain tumor but I rather call it brain cancer, people can get like this, any brain tumor is inherently serious and life-threatening because of its invasive and infiltrative character in the limited space of the intracranial cavity. However, brain tumors even malignant one are not invariably fatal, especially lipomas '''''which are inherently benign.

Brain tumors or intracranial neoplasms can be cancerous '''''malignant or non-cancerous benign; however, the definitions of malignant or benign neoplasms '''''differs from those commonly used in other types of cancerous or non-cancerous neoplasms in the body. Its threat level depends on the combination of factors like the type of tumor, its location, its size and its state of development. Because the brain is well protected by the skull, the early detection of a brain tumor occurs only when diagnostic tools are directed at the intracranial cavity; usually detection occurs in advanced stages when the presence of the tumor has caused unexplained symptoms.

Visibility of signs and symptoms of brain tumors mainly depends on two factors tumor size volume and tumor location, the moment that symptoms will become apparent, either to the person or people around him symptom onset is an important milestone in the course of the diagnosis and treatment of the tumor the symptom onset – in the timeline of the development of the neoplasm – depends in many cases on the nature of the tumor but in many cases is also related to the change of the neoplasm from "benign" i.e. slow-growing/late symptom onset to more malignant fast growing/early symptom onset.

Symptoms of solid neoplasm’s of the brain primary brain tumors and secondary tumors alike can be divided in 3 main categories,

·          you really want to here this it might help you,''''' '''''Consequences of intracranial hypertension: The symptoms that often occur first are those that are the consequences of increased intracranial pressure: Large tumors or tumors with extensive perifocal swelling (edema) inevitably lead to elevated intracranial pressure (intracranialhypertension), which translates clinically into headachesvomiting (sometimes without nausea), altered state of consciousness (somnolencecoma), dilation of the pupil on the side of the lesion (anisocoria), papilledema prominent optic disc at the funduscopic eye examination, however, even small tumors obstructing the passage of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) may cause early signs of increased intracranial pressure, increased intracranial pressure mayresultin herniation (i.e. displacement) of certain parts of the brain, such as the cerebellar tonsils or the temporal uncus, resulting in lethal brainstem compression. In very young children, elevated intracranial pressure may cause an increase in the diameter of the skull and bulging of the fontanelles.

Dysfunction: depending on the tumor location and the damage it may have caused to surroundingbrain structures, either through compression or infiltration, any type of focal neurologic symptomsmay occur, such as cognitive and behavioral impairment (including impaired judgment, memory loss, lack of recognition, spatial orientation disorders), personality or emotional changes,hemiparesishypoesthesiaaphasiaataxiavisual field impairment, impaired sense of smell, impaired hearing, facial paralysisdouble visiondizziness, but more severe symptoms might occur too such as: paralysis on one side of the body hemiplegia or impairment to swallow . These symptoms are not specific for brain tumors – they may be caused by a large variety of neurologic conditions (e.g. stroketraumatic brain injury). What counts, however, is the location of the lesion and the functional systems (e.g. motor, sensory, visual, etc.) it affects. A bilateral temporal visual field defect (bitemporal hemianopia—due to compression of the optic chiasm), often associated with endocrine dysfunction—either hypopituitarism or hyperproduction of pituitary hormones andhyperprolactinemia is suggestive of a pituitary tumor.

Irritation: abnormal fatigue, weariness, absences and tremors, but also epileptic seizures.

The above symptoms are true for ALL types of neoplasm of the brain (including secondary tumors). It is common that a person carries a primary benign neoplasm for several years and has no visible symptoms at all. Many present some uncertain and intermittent symptoms like headaches and occasional vomiting or weariness, which can be easily mistaken for  gastritis  or  gastroenteritis, it might seem strange that despite having a mass in his skull exercising pressure on the brain the patient feels no pain, but as anyone who has suffered a concussion can attest, pain is felt on the outside of the skull and not in the brain itself, the brain has no nerve sensors in the meninges (outer surface) with which to feel or transmit pain to the brain's pain center; it cannot signal pain without a sensory input. That is why secondary symptoms like those described above should alert doctors to the possible diagnosis of a neoplasm of the brain.

In a recent study by the Dutch GP Association, a list of causes of headaches was published, that should alert GP's to take their diagnosis further than to choose for symptomatic treatment of headaches with simple pain medication.

In conclusion: this is a lot of stuff that you must know be sure to watch out for this because it is dangerous.


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