Briyana Benjamin-smith                                    October 5, 2012


All about Briyana

My name is Briyana Nicole Benjamin-smith and I am ten years old and I was born on august 25, 2002. I was born in bed sty. I like to design clothes and bags. Like one time I designed my own messenger I put patches on it and I made my own bag this is just some stuff I like to do when I’m board. You will hear more about me soon I have a very exciting life and I am a very exciting person.

          I have two of the best friends in the whole wide world. One of their names is jeniyah. We have lots of people who hate on us. For instance Kobe byer, and savion Johnson. Kobe calls me fake but I don’t care if I’m fake he’s a bum lol. Jeniyah and I have the same middle name the same favorite color the same favorite singer and the same color eyes it’s like were sisters. Jeniyah is different from every other girl. She always tell me the truth and she is always there for me I would also risk my life for her she’s my ride or die and nothing can change that. My other best friend name is kiara we don’t really have any thing in common.  No offence but she is too silly for me. We have a special relationship. She’s my second best friend I knew kiara since 1rst grade. We all are best friends and that I’ll never end. Kiara lives in the building next to me. She came to my house a couple of times and it has been amazing. She has light brown eyes, curly hair, she’s light skin, and she’s from Guyana. Me kiara and jeniyah are all on team light skin all day.

          My favorite sport is volleyball I like to play it on the weekends in my backyard I can slap a white volleyball across the white net. My friend’s and I challenge each other and I always win. That’s my special skill and I also like to play soccer and tennis. I hate playing basketball it makes me sweaty I’m not a girly girl but it just descent fell comfortable.

          My favorite fast food is Chinese food, mc Donald’s, burger king, Wendeys, checkers and more. My favorite desert is vanilla ice-cream sweet potato pie, and brownies. I love to sit down watch a movie and eat all these things on the weekend.

          I love to hang out with my friends go to the movies, mall, and after I like to go out to eat. I wonder what life is going to be like when I get older. I never want to grow up and be all old with gray hair I want to stay young and live my life try new things. I’m too young to end my life the world needs a change and I was it to.

           When I grow up I want to be a lawyer or a doctor and to succeed my dreams I have to go to school past the test and always try my best. No matter   what anyone says try your hardest and never let people spoil your dreams. A man told a little boy you will never succsed you will always fail



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