Briyana Benjamin-Smith                                                       9/25/12

5-217                                                                                                10:58

                             James Character Traits

James is a wonderful person because he is very sincere, helpful, and a very persuasive He met a new kid and helped him out this is just the beginning I have not got started.

I have proof of James being sincere on page 32 stated in the story town text book. Richard thought that James was making fun of him when James said” climbing the rope is the only way to get up here” he wasn’t he was trying to help Richard concur his fear. “Richard said thanks a lot I said I suppose this is your idea of a joke. Now James is being sincere when he says” wait a minute I just wanted to help you I figured maybe I could teach you how to climb It. “that was nice of James he knew Richards secret he didn’t tell anybody and he helped him that was very nice. If I was Richard James would also be my first choice of a best friend. It’s just like when I was little I couldn’t climb the monkey bars the little girl came up to me and said do you know how to climb the monkey bars I said no and every day we came to the park she trained me and from this day on I can climb the monkey bars. It’s like grabbing apples off a wiggly latter.

James also bribed Richard because Richard was on the spot where he got stuck and then he would fall down but then James told him that if he makes to the top he would give him a Ryan Sandburg rookie card. Richard really wanted that rookie card and the only way he could get it was by making it to the top. He climbed and climbed and he finally reached the top. He had finally believed in himself and finally reached the top. He had improved a lot he never made it off the ground suddenly he felt like a superstar. Richard probably wanted a trophy that said Richard finally made it to the top. Now he thought that he was the rope climbing king. A word of advice that I personally use is to never give up and you will succeed. That’s my saying take some tips from me. Read them inhale them swallow them and spit it out that’s my motto. James was also helpful he didn’t have to help Richard but he wanted to be a good friend and didn’t want him to be mortified in front of everyone. He also didn’t have to help him meeting new people because Richard meets Roland and Michal but he only had one true friend in that school and it was James just like I had my best friend Jeniyah.

Never doubt yourself always believe Richard, worked hard and guess what he achieved. He reached the top at the rope at the gym. I’m proud I wish I knew how to climb a rope guess I never will.

He is friendly and smart a great friend nice caring and all those other things. I bet you never had a friend like that.        

Briyana Benjamin-smith                                                         February 1, 2013

            Few people I our American history was rewarded for fighting in the American Revolution like George Washington, john Adams, Ben Franklin, and Samuel Adams. But, whatever happened to rewarding the other people who spent their time to help win the war? I think we should celebrate them too. Shouldn’t we? We should celebrate women, Native American Indians, children, and men.

            Sometimes I think if it was just men whno fought in war but after reading the text’’ They Called Her Molly Pitcher’’ I discovered an uknown women and her name is maryhays but they call her

BriyanaBenjamin-Smith                    December 7, 2012


                             The Human Effect


          Everyday in our world many sweet and inset animals are disappearing. We should feel guilty for all the creatures we killed am disappointed and discussed with the humans in this world. Today I am going to be talking about all of the endangered animals I have read about.

          In the article “marvelous marine animals” by john Stewart many animals are being endangered or killed. The first animal I am going to be talking about is the sea otter. People like to kill sea otters for their unique fur. Also people like to kill them so they can eat them. Some people accidently it them with speed boats when they are out to catch other animals. In my heart I know when an animal dies. Tears start to drip down my face like a waterfall. Another animal I read about was called a manatee. People like to kill these animals for their unique blubber fat. They also hit them with speed boats and drown them when the catch them just to make sure they are dead. I am tired of all these animals dyeing so we have to make a big change.

          Black bears are also another animal in danger. Bears are being hunted down and being shipped to different places. The bear’s that are sent to the farms are being killed. They are being killed for eating crops and eating other farm animals. People are just hunting for bears and killing them for no reason. These animals are in serious danger. People sometimes kill black bears and then they walk away. Is killing bears like a scavenger hunt? People act like they get paid to murder bears don’t they have a day job? Sometimes people kill bears for self protection. It’s crazy but they only start attacking you when you scare them. But people should really stop murdering them. If you don’t bother them they won’t bother you.

          After reading “save our sea turtles” I realized that the sea turtles were the most endangered marine animal. People are killing sea turtles. When people throw trash into the water the sea turtle eats the plastic bag because they think that the bag is jelly fish. After they dissolve the plastic bag they start to slowly die. Sea turtles are also endangered because of the light at the beach. Because the turtles rely on the light to lead them to the ocean. When the light leads them in the wrong direction they either get lost or die. People also catch turtles in commercial fishing nets and then they eat them. People are taking advantage of these animals and I am sick of it. I Briyana Benjamin-smith want to make a change!  

          You should stand up for animals are on their side. Save a life it’s like a saving a real person’s life. They will appreciate you saving their life and I will to. You can make many changes by making posters.  


           BriyanaBenjamin-smith                             December 10, 2012


Thank you so much

Dear Officer West,

        I Briyana Benjamin-Smith want to thank you for taking your time away just to teach us about the glorious and fascinating Supreme Court. I just wanted to let you know that I learned many different things. After listening to your wise words of wisdom. Now I know what I have to do to achieve my goal to become a lawyer. In the next few paragraphs I am going to tell you a lot.

        My favorite part of the trip was when we got to play the roles of the judge, court coordinator, court reporter, bailiff, court clerk, attorney, jurors, witness, probation officer, and the interpreter. I was the jurors had to help the judge make the right decision if he wasn’t sure if the person was guilty or inset. He also needs my help because he doesn’t know how long the person that proven guilty should stay in jail. It only would have been better if we were able to act out a real court case but we were out of time. Also I liked when we got to sit in and watch a real court case. The man was accused of carrying a gun. In cases like this we should have our serious faces on and be ready to take notes and prove that the defendant is guilty.


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