Jeremy Garcia                              September 19, 2012

5-217                                                                       1:11 


My name is Jeremy Garcia. I am a 5 grade student in 262.  My 5 grade teacher is Mr. Wong. He is a very good best friends are Kobe, Bobby and savion. Kobe wants to be a famous basketball player when he grows up. So do I. I guess we have something’s in comment. Bobby plays basketball but I don’t think Bobby wants to be a famous basketball player like me and Kobe. Last but not lest savion is just like me and Kobe. He wants to be a famous basketball player to.

               Savion just loves to play basketball. He plays with Kobe, Miguel, and I we play like hour lives depend on it.sometimes we have a one on one game.                                            I never had friends like the ones I have now.   

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